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Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment

Prostate Cancer Awareness.

Below the Belt is an  awareness project that commenced in 2001, thanks to the assistance of Canberra City Lions Club and Australian Capital Territory Community Care, working together in partnership to develop this awareness program, which is designed to cover problems associated with men's Urinary and Prostate Health.

The Brisbane Riverside Lions Club undertook this most important project, as they believed it could lead to helping so many families, they have trained presenters who conduct regular seminars at various club venues, and also community information evenings. What is achieved from these seminars:
* A better understanding of the differences between common urinary symptoms and prostate health.
* A basic understanding about treatments for benign enlargement of the prostate gland and prostate cancer.
* Encouraged to see their doctor about urinary symptoms that may be bothering them.
* Prepared to seek further assistance from the various community support groups.

If you would like a guest speaker at your event then please contact us.

Lions Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment Project

The Lions Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment Project is designed for the purpose of supporting the further development of medical services for the research and treatment of Prostate Cancer, Lions Clubs throughout Australia show their support by donations so as to purchase specific laboratory equipment.

The Lions Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment Project is to support the development of medical services for research and treatment of Prostate Cancer. Lions Clubs throughout Australia show their support by donations to purchase specific laboratory equipment. Through our collaboration with the Mater Prostate Cancer Research laboratory (MMRI), this equipment will be established in their Mater Prostate Cancer Research laboratory, to help develop a immunotherapy treatment of patients with prostate cancer.

An automac scientific equipment machine with two men standing beside itThanks to the Lions Clubs of Australia, through your generous donations to the project, we were able to purchase this latest state of the art research equipment for the Mater Medical Research Institute. 

The AutoMac device, at a cost of $75,000.00 will be used to separate the cancer stem cells from Prostate and Bowel tumors. Stem cells are used to watch how aggressive these cancers develop by comparing them to normal or benign samples, furthering understanding of this disease.

For further information contact Lion John Grimstone Chairman for the managing club, Brisbane Riverside, at

For further information on research & treatment check out the following link Mater Prostate Cancer Research Centre

Donations by Lions Clubs
Lions Club donations by cheque, please make payable to:
Lions prostate cancer research and mail to Lions Prostate Cancer project, PO Box 437 NUNDAH qld 4012. 

The required equipment, once purchased, is donated to the Mater Medical Research Institution and used in their Laboratory for the Research into finding a cure for Prostate Cancer.

For full details of this life saving project, please visit our webpage at