Brisbane Riverside Lions Club Inc

District 201Q1 Queensland Australia


Youth Projects - Visit our Youth Projects page for full details

Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment - Visit our Prostate Cancer Research page for information 

Social Activities - Visit our Events page for social activities

Fundraising Activities

How We Raise Money - Every Lions Club raises it's own funds, and the methods are up to the members. None of the monies raised from the public are required for administration etc, Why? because we are a group of volunteers, who believe in helping our fellow man. 

Here's some of the ways Brisbane Riverside Lions Club raises funds for their community projects

* Yearly sales of Lions Mints - Visit our Lion Mints page
* Sausage Sizzles.
* Our Christmas Santa Letters - Visit our Santa Letters page.
* Christmas Gift Wrapping.
* Lions Catering for outside organizations.
* Sales of Lions Christmas Cakes - Order your Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings.
* Donations.
* Major organized fund raising events.

We believe that we give value for money, and because no Lion gets paid for the time they put in, we can do that and still make a profit for our Community projects.