Brisbane Riverside Lions Club Inc

District 201Q1 Queensland Australia

Lions Christmas Cakes

Order Your Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings

 The Lions Club of Brisbane Riverside has now extended to you a new service. Purchase your Lions Christmas Cakes & Puddings on line, all you need to do is Phone or Email us with the size and quantity required, and we will contact you for delivery instructions. 

Size                           Cost      No. Per Carton
Cake Large 1.5 kg     $15             10
Cake Regular 1 kg     $11             12
Pudding 900 g           $11             12

Did you know that the Lions Cakes are sold all the year around?

Contact us by phone 07 3266 3948 or by email

Lions Christmas Cakes

Lions Christmas cakes

Lions Christmas Puddings

Lions Christmas Pudding