Brisbane Riverside Lions Club Inc

District 201Q1 Queensland Australia

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Can I help? Of course you can! 

Thousands of people help us every year by supporting us in fund raising, from Raffles to purchasing Lions Mints & our Xmas Cakes 

Some want to be more involved. You may wish to help out with our events, selling tickets, helping to take children, disabled, the elderly infirm on our outings.

Some of you want to be at the cutting edge. Making the decisions. Planning events. Investigating cries for help. Helping decide how best in spend our

Being a member of Riverside Lions...
We want prospective members to fully understand what we do and what is expected from them as a club member. You would be invited to sit in at several meetings, to help out at welfare or fund-raising events, and to attend our socials before making any decision on joining. We won't rush you into committing yourself into joining the world's largest service organisation.

Still interested? Contact our Information Center via our email

Here is brief 60 second video about Lions Clubs in Australia.

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